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How to Pick the Best Wedding Vendors for Your Wedding

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There are many talented wedding vendors out there (check out our free guide to my favorite Austin wedding vendors here)! When it comes to picking the best vendors for your wedding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by the options.

Not sure which photographer is going to be the most patient with your loud, funny bunch of family members on your wedding day? Talk it through with each of the photographers on your list and ask for references. Struggling to connect with the right florist that fits your aesthetic and your budget? Have a clear budget in mind before you start your search.

I’ve been a wedding planner for over a decade, and I can honestly say there are many ways to pick the right wedding vendors for your wedding, so long as you ask yourself the right questions throughout the vendor selection process.

Here are the top questions you should ask yourself when searching for wedding vendors.

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Can I speak with anyone who’s worked with this wedding vendor previously?

Whether you’re scouting a vendor you found online, or who comes recommended by a friend, another vendor or your venue, it’s completely reasonable to ask for references. This is standard practice in the wedding industry, and something many vendors are happy to comply with.

The relationships we have with our clients are something we’re really proud of. Most wedding vendors go above and beyond for the people who entrust us with their wedding, and we’re thrilled when our clients are able to spread the good word about us.

Be sure to ask the hard questions about budget, timeliness and overall communication quality when you check references. We promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Will this wedding planner, florist, designer, or photographer be able to work within my budget?

Before you even start collecting imagery and ideas for your wedding inspiration, we strongly encourage you to do your budget homework. No idea what your wedding budget should look like? That’s okay! You’ve come to the right place! If you hire a wedding planner, they’ll be able to put together a wedding budget that’s realistic and based on current averages in the location where you’re getting married.

Once you have an idea of what you can spend in each category, your wedding planner will make recommendations based on what you can spend. If you’re working without a planner, it’s okay to ask about pricing in your initial inquiry with any wedding vendor.

BW Theory New Orleans Wedding Race and Religious LGD Elyse Alcorn46.jpg

Wedding ceremony at Prospect House in Austin, Designed by BW Theory

Kinfolk are an amazing New Orleans brass band that do second lines for weddings

It’s often easiest to start with a budget and find out if your vendor can work within the range you’ve suggested rather than asking about price first, and then trying to negotiate down.

Has this wedding vendor worked with any of the other vendors I’ve selected?

Think of your wedding production and installation as a collaboration between all the vendors you’ve selected. You want them all to not just get along well, but also share a collaborative approach and create brilliant ideas that work well together.

One of the great things about hiring a wedding planner is that they know which teams to assemble when they want to create something incredible for their clients.

If you’re planning a wedding on your own, ask your favorite vendors who they love working with. Your vendors can help you create a team that feels right for your aesthetic and your budget.

Pennsylvania wedding at Hotel du Village pastel ceremony flower arch with wildflowers

Austin wedding at Prospect House, invitations by Dear Darling Calligraphy

Is this wedding vendor someone I not only trust, but actually really like?

If you’re able to assemble a badass wedding team that you actually want to see again after your wedding, chances are high that you’re in the best possible hands. Weddings require a leap of faith and an immense level of trust in the professionals you’ve hired to not just do their jobs, but make your ideas come to life in a way that’s beyond anything you could’ve imagined.

When you’re working with the best wedding vendors in town, trust comes naturally, and you’re likely to enjoy the process of planning your wedding *so* much more. 


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