We don't do cookie cutter.

BW Theory

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Scroll through Pinterest, and you'll probably see the same green and white wedding,
with the same Chiavari chairs a hundred times.

With us, you'll often hear, "That was the best party ever!". That's because we don't do cookie cutter. Instead, we only create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences for each and every client.

And we commit to a limited number of weddings. Because our planning is not just a checklist. And our design goes far beyond cohesive colors and stationery.

So, how do we bring the "best party ever" to life?

Same plan = Same results

Consider us your experience savants. Before we begin the design process, we think through every part of your guest's experience. Not just the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. But the before, after, and transitions in between.

We talk through your vision and define how to make it seamless, comfortable, and extraordinary. And we won't plan something just because it's the norm. Instead, we'll think outside of the box while also ensuring it makes sense for your style, budget, and the comfort of your guests.



“Sometimes weddings feel disjointed. She was able to create flow through color choices, music and my wedding attire. It wasn't something I considered but I love it.”

“Working with Elyse and Katie is basically a dream come true.”

“Working with Elyse and Katie is basically a dream come true from the perspective of a venue operator. Their style, creativity, taste, and artistic vision are clearly unrivaled, but their ability to manage these extraordinary events-- and the staggering amount of logistics, details, and labor that go into them-- in such a calm, organized, and efficient way is nuts.”

If you asked other planners what they love about weddings, most would say they like the end result. But to us, making your celebration truly meaningful feels much more important. Plain and simple, we love people.

We genuinely care about connecting with you, learning about your background or family dynamics, and infusing meaningful details throughout. Because, at the end of the day, there's nothing like watching friends, families, and strangers connect in meaningful ways. 



“BW Theory have been so hands on and committed throughout the whole process. It feels like they truly care about our wedding and that it is not just one of many.”

-Caitlin, Charlie Whiskey Design

“I can’t recommend them enough for someone who wants an event that carves a path away from trend in favor of an experience with thought and intention.”

Our experience goes far beyond standard wedding design. Our separate backgrounds began in New York City fashion and interior design. And prior to planning weddings together, we actually designed furniture for luxury events and homes. So we don't just design around your style and venue. Instead, we marry interior design with branding.

We go through rabbit holes of ideas, carefully thinking through the possibilities before we present you with the best ones. We create custom color stories and mood boards for you to choose from. Then we source everything to ensure the best quality for stunning results far beyond anything you imagine.



“They developed a vision for the wedding by refining our design ideas and working with the other suppliers to ensure a cohesive look. They made sure all of the little details were covered perfectly.”

“For our wedding, they raised every detail to Pinterest-level perfection.”

“My photos simply cannot do their work justice.”

“In full disclosure I must admit that my photos simply cannot do their work justice. You have to be there to really get it. You need ALL five senses firing. You have to physically walk into their spaces and breath it in and see it, hear it, feel it, smell it and taste it- it must be EXPERIENCED in the moment. They don’t do it for the photos. They don’t do it for publications or wide recognition. They do it for you.”

This sisterly team of two loves attending a good party. And we love hosting one even more.

Instead of creating one, big, wow moment, we love creating many unexpected ones. Like finding a local artist to make hundreds of pottery containers to line the reception tables with. Or taking Polaroids from a truffle hunt in Tuscany and placing them at each guest’s place setting - an exciting surprise from the day’s earlier adventures.

We're full of ideas we've never done and you've never seen.



“We don’t say magic lightly: every detail, every space, and every seamless coordination of our multicultural wedding evoked MAGIC. BW Theory found a way to create a sense of wonder in it all. Our guests still talk about our wedding and get so emotional recounting the details.”

“Elyse and Katie helped us throw a magical event.”


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Today, she enjoys the easy Charleston lifestyle by the ocean - which takes her back to childhood walks along the beach in New Jersey. This favorite pastime is something she now shares with her husband and two adorable little ones! Family is everything, and she makes sure you can relax and enjoy those meaningful moments with them.

When she's not getting sappy over the father-daughter dance or eating a late night piece of Chantilly cream cake, you'll find her out to dinner with friends or enjoying a stiff cocktail at some funky bar. In a perfect world, she'd be traveling a bunch, entertaining a ton, and dancing the night away.

Her attention to the little details makes all the difference in creating special touches to your day.

A busy, fun-filled wedding day reminds Elyse of the hustle and bustle of the years she spent in NYC. After getting her bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising she worked with major brands and event gurus. With those experiences she honed her intuitive planning skills. On your wedding day, she won’t have her head tied up in spreadsheets and paperwork. She’s already got that covered. Instead, she instinctively reads the room. Constantly keeping a pulse on maintaining a great atmosphere and flow.

Next up: Austin, Texas. There, she learned that if she can manage the Texas heat, she can handle just about anything!

according to katie


While Katie has three beautiful children of her own, she considers me the fourth. We always arrive a few days early for a wedding weekend to get settled in and prepare for all the excitement that lies ahead. Staying true to her mama bear nature, she wakes me up on wedding morning, so we can make sure everything's taken care of before you ever need us.

She thinks less about trends and more about what it takes to create an atmosphere that makes people feel good and remember for years to come.

Katie's a ray of light. Her creativity and excitement beam the moment she learns about you and gets to craft a design around your vision. She knows how to take a fluttering idea and turn it into something extraordinary. And she's constantly on the pulse of what's next - without letting that limit her imagination.

according to Elyse


At our first wedding in Italy, we were originally hired solely for design. However the local planner walked off the job - never to be seen again! So we took over planning, in a foreign country, without knowing the native language. The end result: an incredible and cherished celebration.

Since then, we've worked together to solve more problems than we'd ever be able to count. And we've learned to follow each other's instincts to get the best possible outcome.




“Not one thing went wrong on the day (that I knew of!) and Elyse and Katie made me enjoy the process and I had so much fun with very little to zero nerves. I recommend them to everyone.”


“Katie and Elyse are truly the best. They allow you to enjoy your day and feel confident they are kicking ass and having fun doing it.”